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How to Get Boobs : Fake webcams

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  • How to Get Boobs : Fake webcams

    Part One: Getting Started

    Three important programs when using this strategy:
    1) CamStudio (
    2) ManyCam (
    3) Windows Movie Maker (WMM)
    With these three programs, you can pretend to be ANYONE you chat with.

    Transforming into Another Person
    1) Find a target
    2) Start recording
    3) Engage in conversation for as long as possible or until you have sufficient footage (usually like 4 minutes or so).
    4) Save
    5) Use WMM to edit and publish the footage so that it looks authentic (remove the front few seconds and last few seconds). Even better, try to make the end and start similar so that it can loop without being too noticeable. You can also try to pause towards the end, then rewind so that it seems like lag.
    6) Load this on Manycam

    • Uncheck the watermark when using ManyCam Effects >> Text over Video >> Show logo OFF.
    • Be sure to remove the interface on Omegle ASAP. You don't want the "STRANGER" sign on your captured footage. Do this by waving your mouse around the edge until it disappears.
    • When using CamStudio, be sure you don't let anything go on top of the area you're capturing (alt tabbing, clicking on different windows, etc).
    • With a large monitor, you can position Chatroulette on the left and Omegle on the right with Camstudio in the middle to speed things up.
    • The best targets are those who show minimal arm movement. If they have obvious arm movement, then you need to limit your typing to match the bait's.

    Part Two: Catching the PERFECT bait
    In order to catch a big fish, we need a small fish. In order to catch a small fish, we need a worm. That is, the big fish (the girl who you want to strip) will need a small fish (your bait). In order to catch this bait, we need a worm. First, we must think about which type of worm your bait likes.

    Personally, I chose females because I didn't know which guys looked good. Therefore, my target were lesbians and my bait were hot girls.

    Hot girls want to talk to only three different kinds of people. Good looking guys, less-attractive young girls and children. Generally, I found that young kids tend to be more naive and easier to have a conversation with. So my steps were:
    1) Load up a common gif (or video)
    2) Find a target (handsome guy, young girl or child)
    3) Capture enough footage by having a conversation with them
    4) Use this image to bait a hottie
    5) Follow instructions on Part 1.
    And there you have it! You caught yourself a bait.

    Of course, if you wish to use a guy as a bait, then you'll have to find a different worm (probably some chick or porn).

    Part Three: Finding the sluts
    The bad thing about using a fake webcam is you can't control it. Your weapon is your bait, which is going to get the girl wet the moment she sees her/him. Using that momentum, you must get her to show her the goods. 75% of your encounters are going to be wankers. Another 5% or so will be trolls like you, and the remaining 20% is basically all you have to work with.

    If she is with a large (over 3 people) group, it isn't going to work. I saw this girl webcaming at WORK with her coworker. She was pretty cute, but certainly wasn't going to flash me. Just NEXT it. Not worth your time. Women generally don't feel comfortable flashing in groups like these.

    Asians are also too hard to get, especially native Asians. They will have a 1 hour conversation with you and try to keep it clean even if you try to talk dirty. Not worth your time.

    Sometimes, the webcam is blocked by something or they're off the cam. DO NOT NEXT these. Oftentimes, hot girls do this for fun. If your bait is hot enough, they will immediately show themselves and try to have a conversation with you. Unless it's clear that the person is a guy (from the sound or from their text), try to lure them out.

    If there is a guy and a girl together, the chances are also pretty low.

    If there are one or two girls and are willing to talk to you, you hit gold! These are your ideal targets.

    Also, please make sure they're legal! You don't have to ask them directly, but if they say or look like they're 15, don't do anything inappropriate. It's just wrong. We're out to expose sluts, not target confused children.

    If you get bored and your bait is a girl, you can try to get men to do weird stuff for you, like put shoes on their head or write on themselves.

    Part Four: Conversation and Profit
    Men are apparently terrible with conversation. I know this because whenever I used my bait, the men go like "Hi!, ASL?, I'm SO HORNY PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS!" If you use these lines, you will most likely get Next'ed immediately. Women simply aren't just going to flash to all of the MANY sick perverts in Omegle/CR. You need to get your lines and conversational skills straightened out.

    Do not go straight to the point. Your goal is to warm up the girls so they feel comfortable with you. Since women are superficial, having a hot bait brings you 80% there, but without appropriate dialogue, you'll seem weird and they will get suspicious.

    Follow these steps if you're bad with talking to girls:
    1) After the initial greetings, you need to mention she is beautiful/pretty/gorgeous, etc. I don't care if she is a fat cow. Beauty is relative so they'll actually believe you when you say this, even though she looks really does looks like a hideous pig.
    2) Ask her a question that you can comment on. Here's an example:
    You: Where are you from?
    Her: England, you?
    You: Oh wow, I've met many girls from England and they're not quite as cute as you.
    Don't just simply respond, "Cool, US myself."
    Do this a few times until you feel she's comfortable. Here are some sample questions if you need to get started:
    • What brings you here to CR? Follow up with how you saw so many weirdos on the site.
    • Ask if she goes to school. Follow up with how you thought she was much younger and surprised she's already in college.
    • Ask if that is her natural hair color. Follow up with how you love what she did with her hair.
    She should now feel comfortable with you and quite flattered. This turns her on and she wants nothing more than to strip herself and masturbate in front of you. However, don't lose your cool and play it right. Being subtle and using innuendos is key.

    I used a girl bait, so here is what I did next:
    1) Asked if she was into girls. If she says yes, go to next step. If she says she HAS been with other girls before, it usually means she isn't comfortable with bisexuality yet. This is usually a bad sign because you need to take it slow. If she says no, ask if she's curious. Try to encourage her, but it's sort of a lost cause if she's straight. Might wanna try asking if she could be kind enough to let you see it, but I don't think this has ever worked for me.
    2) Get a little more sexual with her. Mention again that you think she's stunningly beautiful and you would want nothing more than see her gorgeous body.
    3) If she looks a bit prude, you might want to ask if she is comfortable with stripping and that you don't want to pressure her to do anything she doesn't want.
    4) Ask her to take it off.

    I'm no master Pick Up Artist, so I'm sure my dialogue needs a lot of work, but it seemed to have worked so far.


    There you have it! Happy huntings.
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    HUGE BIG UPS, great post my main man!!!
    Respect & big ups for the hunters who toil in the digital fields to bring you this bounty. - Book of the HOF 6:25


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      Epic man, props to you.


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        there should be an addendum to part 3- that if there are no sluts on chatroulette at a given time, you could just grab a 13-14 year old and rape her and it would essentially be the same thing as trying to coo a girl


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          You don't even need a fake webcam if your super hot like me


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            super noobish but how do you make a fake webcam?


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              hey its ya boy masterchat here, ill leave this to stratify to answer in more depth but basically you just needa go find a .wmv or .mpeg file on the internet or a .gif of whatever you want your movie to be, and then load it up in manycam

              arright big ups and welcome
              Respect & big ups for the hunters who toil in the digital fields to bring you this bounty. - Book of the HOF 6:25


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                Manycam is the best program out there


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                  rape is the best strategy out there


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                    Originally posted by NiggaWantTitties View Post
                    rape is the best strategy out there
                    ^^ so trueee


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                      wow excellent post... thanks for the guide!


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                        Can you share your fake webcam please? =)


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                          upload your video/gif or post the link !
                          pl0x (:


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                            Agree with the above posts.

                            Would be great if people could upload the videos they use.


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                              Originally posted by pogs View Post
                              Agree with the above posts.

                              Would be great if people could upload the videos they use.
                              Yes it can help me to get Tits and to share with you :)