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How to get rid of virtual webcam header on omegle

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  • How to get rid of virtual webcam header on omegle

    Hey Guys, just got started on this site not too long ago, im having this problem with omegle where it says on their screen that "stranger may be using virtual webcam" i am wondering how i can get that taken off as it has made it a bit more difficult on picking up girls on there. However i have seen other users put up a fake video and not have it mention anything about virtual webcam. Any idea how i ca get rid of it? fyi i use manycam virtual webcam


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    In later versions, under Settings, General, you can change the Virtual Webcam Friendly name.
    I'm not sure if it's the same on


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      I should have added that you need to change the name to anything other than ManyCam.


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        You should use the search function :
        a thread already exists for newbie like you :
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