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Question for those who use ChatRoulette.

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  • Question for those who use ChatRoulette.

    Been using Omegle so far but I see a lot of people get some nice wins over CR, but they have that SMS Verification thingy over there so I was wondering if those who hunt there just used their real phone number to bypass that or if there's another way to do it, cause to be honest I don't think I'd like to have my phone number associated to it...

    I've looked into other threads but the ones I found were quite old and the methods there didn't seem to work so I was wondering if there was a better wat, I used one of those virtual phone number websites but even when CR accepts the number I get no text back from them with the code.

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    Hi Milau,

    There are different ways ..
    For sure you can use your own phone number, but for "privacy" you can buy a second phone number, it costs to me about 10$ per year for another sim card .. depends on your country I would say and providers ..
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      I used once an internet service that gave me another phone number for 3 days.. I should look back to my old mails..
      Let's play a game.. you will love it!


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        I got it again.. Check this!
        A number for 3 days is only 3 dollars..

        Let's play a game.. you will love it!


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          Thanks a lot for your insight, definitely more helpful that what I've read on other threads!