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EARN IT - How to get (and keep) your VIP!

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  • EARN IT - How to get (and keep) your VIP!

    Note: For GayVIP, see the thread in that area. This post only relates to non-Gay VIP, and they are not the same thing.

    How to earn VIP Status

    The rules are simple, and designed to reward contributors. As posted, consider these rules to be the minimum requirement, and the mod and admin teams have final say in when promotions happen.

    1. All members must create a thread in the "Earn It" forum, to introduce themselves and post their videos. There is a minimum of 6 videos posted before you will be considered for VIP. In addition to the number of videos, the quality is important. Posting a 6 minute long video of a fat girl who reluctantly flashes her bra for half a second is not going to earn you anything, and will actually count against you. All content shared in this section must br primarily female, for guys there is guys section (doesn't count towards reaching VIP). Note: Underage content is strictly prohibited and posting it will result in a permanent ban, or worse.

    2. Videos must be posted via our tube site, to qualify. Our tube allows for easy embedding of videos in forum posts, and guarantees that files won't just disappear (aka megaupload and others).

    3. You must upload your own avatar image, and customize your signature.

    4. You must have at least 30 posts. Junk posts such as "nice video", "me too", etc do not count, and trying to inflate your count through them may result in a ban.

    5. Be active in the shoutbox. Lots of good discussion happens there, and it's a great way to stay on our radar as a contributing member.

    6. Members who earn VIP and stop contributing will lose their status. Any member who goes beyond 60 days without posting a video will have their status revoked, and need to earn it again.

    If you are female:
    Girls have the option of getting VIP by sharing photos of themselves. We have a private VIP area just for them to post. In order to qualify, you will need to cam with our resident female mod BellaLove who will verify that you are a living female, and you will need to send 3 photos or videos for your thread. Girls who get their VIP this way but go 60 days without posting a photo or video will have their status revoked, and need to earn it again. Girls always have the option of earning VIP the way guys do if they don't wish to post themselves.


    If you have any questions, post them in the Member Hangout area.

    ADDED by mynameisjoe:

    1. I will not answer messages about becoming VIP.
    2. Whining about not being VIP will make the process LONGER before you get VIP.
    3. There will be a minimum of a week before first video and become VIP if you qualify.
    4. There's a minumum of THREE videos per post. If you don't have the minimum, your post will BE deleted.
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