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Looking for a new fake guy

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  • Looking for a new fake guy

    Hello everyone! Amazing forum... i want to ask for a new fake guy who i saw soon here ->
    It will be amazing if someone give me a link to download him... and of course i'll share many videos with you.. soon :) Let's help us each other!

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    The simple way to get it is to :
    - First download the video from xvideos
    - Play the video, and record the guy part with HyperCam or another video screen capture
    - If there is the Xvideos watermark, just pause the record, and play it again when it disappear.

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      Yeah.. but if i do that - the quality will be not that good as i want. I want it with really good quality... i think only the original capture can do what i want. I saw this video many times and many people have it already. Anyone?? :(


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        This guy uploaded a new amazing video and the fake guy definetely works!!! You can see here ->

        Please guys.. so many hunters here.. anyone know something abot that video? When i tried to send a message to him.. he doesn't answer :(


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          the vid was deleted on xvideos :(


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            If he recorded video on CR, he maybe don't want to share with everyone. Record video yourself or use delphine24 way to get it. Chrisboerse videos uplaoded by user "pocherry" on xv. I see he deleted most of his videos
            Are you in the game?