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Now available for all verified members: Invader 3.0!

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  • Now available for all verified members: Invader 3.0!

    Greetings Fappers!

    Today I am announcing the new and improved Invader, with higher accuracy and fewer headaches than previous releases!

    What is the Invader? Quite simply, the Invader unmasks the true location of the person you're chatting with on Omegle, ChatRoulette, and other similar sites. Information is power, and knowing that girl's location can help you achieve results!

    So how do I use it? It's simple. You'll need PCap installed (windows users can download here: ), then just run the Invader executable! It will ask you to select your network interface, then for your HOF credentials, and you're all set! Just launch an Omegle window and you will see the information for peers as you connect to them!

    What else do I need to know? Well, a few things. If you reload you Omegle window, you need to restart the Invader. Invader can only track one window at a time, If you run a second one you need to launch a second Invader after the first window is running. Also, Invader doesn't work on text mode.

    What features do I miss out on if I'm not VIP? Non-VIP users are mostly limited to Omegle. VIP members get several other features, such as more information about the peer, and compatibility with more sites. Platinum users get even more, but we keep those secret.

    Today's release is for Windows and OSX.

    Windows users can download it here: md5sum: 8319646df58d04b59c6c2250fe3ad077

    OSX users can download it here: md5sum: 837c1edf75c5ca8618bb114919382203

    Windows users, if you don't see a list of interfaces to choose, you need to run the Invader with administrator privs. RIght click it and choose Run As Administrator.


    invader-osx requires libpcap, which seems to install along with the command-line developer tools. To install these tools, open a terminal and run 'gcc'. This should pop up a prompt to install the tools. Also, invader-osx needs to run with elevated privs. The easy way to do this, after downloading is to open a terminal and run these commands:
    sudo chown root ~/Downloads/invader-osx
    sudo chmod a+x ~/Downloads/invader-osx
    sudo chmod u+s ~/Downloads/invader-osx
    After this step you can double click invader-osx to run it.

    edit: updated Windows exe for ipv6 related fix
    edit: Updated Invader for Windows and OSX
    edit: updated for omegle changes
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    Bump for the return of the OSX version.
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      Bump again for the OSX version being back.
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